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The “Fight For L.A.” is fairly lopsided at this point Sean Mannion Color Rush Jersey , leaving plenty of people wondering how long to let it go on.According to Seth Wickersham of, the depth of the team’s struggles has been a topic among owners at this week’s league meeting, though not yet an official item of business on the league’s agenda.The Chargers are playing in the 30,000-seat StubHub Center at the moment, which cuts into their ticket revenue. But it’s their viability as a tenant at the under-construction Inglewood stadium that’s the bigger concern.Sources told Wickersham the Chargers plan to revise their revenue goals from $400 million to $150 million , a reflection of the difficulty of selling PSLs for two teams to a market that did without football for two decades.Naturally, commissioner Roger Goodell had nothing but praise for the Inglewood project, because that’s what he does.“Lots of football, lots of building still to do,” Goodell said. “And frankly John Sullivan Color Rush Jersey , we were out of the market for a long time, and we have to earn our way back with our fans. We have to build that relationship back with our fans and make sure that we do it right. Both teams are committed to that. It will be something that we have to work at over a period of time. They both have very exciting young teams, and I think that will be helpful also. But I think all of those things will come together over the next two years. That’s the work that needs to be done.”The Chargers aren’t that bad at football, so that’s not an excuse, even if they’re not as good at it as the Rams right now. It raises a valid question of whether they should have ever left San Diego Todd Gurley Color Rush Jersey , and whether they could end up there again some day 鈥?or become the team the league uses to leverage new buildings out of other markets. Time For The First Semester FinalOur Los Angeles Rams are at the halfway point during the 2018 season as the only undefeated team at 8-0. They head out on the road to face-off against the 6-1 New Orleans Saints in Week 9 headed up by Head Coach Sean Payton, a offensive guru with future Hall of Famer QB Drew Brees leading his offense.The collective wisdom of most national pundits has the Rams losing this game. Why? Is it the fact the Saints are the second best team in the NFC Conference having run up six straight victories against opposition the pundits do respect?Is it that they’re at home?Is it simply that many expect the Rams to lose a game at some point and this is as good as any?I’m requesting for this exam that we put ours feeling aside for moment and take hard look at this game based on football knowledge. I’m giving students the chance in the comment section to answer four easy questions for our halfway through the year exam. Grades will be assessed not on the conclusions as to whether your picking the Rams or Saints to win, but on the analysis which led to the conclusion.Here’s the four easy questions:Is the Saints offense better then the Rams? Why or why not?Is the Saints defense better then the Rams? Why or why not?Is the Saints special teams better then the Rams? Why or why not?The final question is on the X-factor. Correct answers will be given extra credit:Is the fact that the Rams will playing a road game in the Dome against the Saints that much different from the Rams playing at home before hostile crowds in the Coliseum?I’m looking forward to reading your comments/answers because I believe that an appropriate analysis will get you the right answer on who wins this game and most importantly, why.
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