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 The Los Angeles Rams have been actively re-working the backend of the 53-man roster today.Earlier today, the Rams waived QB Brandon Allen and dropped QB Luis Perez and TE Temarrick Hemingway from the practice squad. They also worked out three Los Angeles Rams T-Shirt players in G Ian Silberman, OT David Steinmetz and OT Darrell Williams.Well tonight we get word they signed one of those three to the practice squad...and waived a player from the 53-man as well.S Isaiah Johnson, waivedHuh. Well that’s interesting. This one was a little surprising. The move to waive Allen clearly corresponded to the return of RG Jamon Brown to the 53-man who is coming off of his two-game suspension.This though didn’t have an obvious corresponding move. Could this cryptic tweet from WR KhaDarel Hodge clue us in as to who replaces Johnson?OT Darrell Williams, Jr., signedSo Williams will join the practice squad in one of the two places left open by Perez and Hemingway. One would be fair to think Allen would take the other one if he clears waivers.We did get news today that the Detroit Lions waived OL Jamil Demby. Perhaps he could be involved in a return?Might want to keep tabs on roster moves this week.With the Los Angeles Chargers coming to the Coliseum in Week 3, the roster and the Sunday inactives could be a major change this weekend. On Tuesday with the NFL trade deadline bearing down, the Los Angeles Rams traded for former Jacksonville Jaguars edge rusher Dante Fowler Jr.Fowler was the third-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, though he hasn’t panned out as hoped when the Jaguars spent the premium selection on him. Part of it wasn’t under his control (a torn ACL as a rookie), but he just hasn’t justified the price that was ultimately paid for him.For the Rams Los Angeles Rams Hats , that isn’t really an issue though. They didn’t invest the same amount in Fowler as the Jaguars did. All the Rams need Fowler to be is exactly what he is - a pass rusher who can provide plenty of speed and juice off the edge but will likely never reach the “elite” status that the Jaguars expected.Some could say that this trade may have a relation as far back as when the Rams traded highly-decorated veteran Ram Robert Quinn to the Miami Dolphins. It was evident at the time that Quinn simply wasn’t the same player he once was, but it was still an interesting development from the Rams as they ditched their best edge rusher by far. Many (myself included) agreed with the move as the opened cap space ($14m) allowed them to make many moves such as signing DT Ndamukong Suh, and trading for stars like CB Aqib Talib, CB Marcus Peters, and WR Brandin Cooks. Regardless, the Rams had to know they were heading into the 2018 NFL Draft with edge being a major weakness. And without premium draft capital due to trades for WR Brandin Cooks and WR Sammy Watkins along with the sanguine avoidance of panicking and overbuying at the edge, the Rams entered the season light on talent.This has borne out as Matt Longacre has yet to register a sack on the season and has been largely irrelevant. Running mate Samson Ebukam only has two sacks showing up sparingly. The remaining edge’s such as Morgan Fox and Dominique Easley are both on injured reserve while fan hopeful Ogbonnia Okoronkwo broke his foot in the offseason program and is still in the transition window off of the Physically Unable to Perform list.But that’s where Fowler comes in. For a team that’s got clear aspirations for a Super Bowl run this year, this was the right trade to make. Fowler immediately becomes the Rams’ best edge rusher and actually has proven to be a good player even without justifying his draft status.I watched all of Fowler’s film from this current year and came away relatively surprised and impressed.Let’s dive into the tape:(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Lined up at LE on this snap, you can see the speed and bend around the edge right off the bat. Fowler is a very fast player which helps him threaten tackles as his speed rush is his go-to move and allows him to build his game off of it. This play may not look significant but I’ll show why its relevant as the RT knows he was beat.(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.This time the speed rush and dip around the corner was very successful for Fowler. In the first clip Fowler only registered a pressure because it was a quick pass, but on this occasion Brady holds the ball and Fowler is able to knock the ball out for a strip-sack.(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Plays like this one are why players like Fowler are productive and dangerous as pass rushers. On multiple occasions (roughly 5 or 6) Fowler beat the RT with a speed rush or a variation of a speed rush. As he continued to beat the RT with speed Los Angeles Rams Womens Hoodie , the tackle was bound to over-set and make up for his lack of speed. With Fowler knowing this was on the horizon, he came with an inside spin which would have worked to perfection had he not slipped.(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Watch Fowler here at LE. This is what his spin move looks like when he doesn’t slip.(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Nothing about this play is special, but his ability to stunt and rush from different spots and angles allows for his versatility to be capitalized upon. Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips loves to run stunts, so it’s likely he’ll have some fun ideas and ways to maximize the production from Fowler. Oh, also, look how threatening his speed can be.(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Remember when I mentioned Quinn earlier? Doesn’t this rep remind you of what Quinn looked like last year in horns?Watching Fowler’s ability in-depth showed me what kind of player he really is and can be moving forward.In terms of production (not style), Fowler can be exactly what the doctor ordered with the Rams looking to fill the void of Quinn’s departure.
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 This is part of SB Nation’sFanPulse tool. If you are interested in joining the Chiefs’ FanPulse, you may sign up here.This week, we asked league-wide fan bases whether or not they believed their favorite team would make the postseason. The Chiefs were one of just four teams whose fan bases were 100 percent certain they’d make the playoffs. The other 100-percent teams were the Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints.93 percent of Chargers fans feel they will make the playoffs, 21 percent of Broncos fans feel they will make the playoffs and 0 percent of Raiders fans feel they will make the playoffs.And now, for let’s look at fan confidence around the AFC West:As is typical after a Chiefs’ win, the fan confidence in Kansas City remained rather high, while the rest of the AFC West’s confidence continues to be been up and down. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media during his regular press conference on Monday, following Sunday’s 30-23 victory over the Denver Broncos.Here are some key takeaways:Reid said the firing of Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson — the news of which had just broken — wouldn’t substantially affect his planning for the game against the Browns on Sunday.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports“I just found that out,” Reid said. “I hate seeing that happen to a friend. It’s a tough business. If you go through the process — and you’re honest with that every week — then it doesn’t matter what happens on the peripheral part of things. You control what you control, but you have no control over [what happens at the other team] or anything else that happens with any team. We can control the process. We can control how we how we work each day as coaches and players. It’s important that we just put our focus there, and not worry about the other stuff.”Reid was then asked if Jackson’s firing made it harder to prepare for the Browns.“They’re not going to change a whole lot. [They’re] so far into this. [They’ve] got hours invested in this. They didn’t change the offensive and defensive coordinators.”Reid was then told — apparently for the first time — that Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley had also been fired.“All right. Well, then stick with the process. I’m back to that.”After the laughter died down Youth Travis Kelce Jersey , he asked, “You set me up on that one, huh?”After some more laughter, Reid got back to it.“The main thing is that we do what we do,” he said. “That’s the most important thing. I don’t think they’re going to change that much — even with that taking place. [They] have so much time invested in where they’re at right now. There might be a wrinkle here or there, but you can’t turn the whole thing over.”In light of Jackson’s firing — and the lack of continuity in Cleveland — Reid was asked how he approaches hiring decisions. “If you’re in a position that you hire, you try to hire good people, and you let them do their jobs,” he said. “In a leadership position, you try to set up a format of things that you want done within that, but don’t take away someone’s ability to let their personality show. Don’t take that away from them. Let them be who you’ve hired.”Reid said that he and his coaches do the best they can to give opposing teams a different look every week.Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports“We try to give a different look every week,” Reid said. “We bank on what we’ve installed in the OTAs and in camp, so we’re able to draw from that. But we’re always trying to give [opposing teams] a different look Youth Mitch Morse Jersey , so that when you get here, you don’t have to go back and go, ‘Doggone, we’ve run out of things.’”Reid said this also serves to keep his own players engaged with the process.“We keep it pretty fresh, and it keeps the guys fresh every week. It’s a nice little challenge for them. Are you going to change everything? Nobody’s going to do that, but we throw enough things in there for them to have some fun with it.”When told that Broncos defensive players were anxious to talk after the game about the creativity of Reid’s offense, Reid first wanted to compliment them.Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports“I had some of those guys in the Pro Bowl,” Reid said. “Those are good guys, too. They love to play the game. They showed me a little something. They have a pretty good culture going there.”With that out of the way, Reid spoke about how his assistant coaches are influencing the offense.“Eric Bieniemy is doing a phenomenal job,” he continued. “He doesn’t say much, but he’s got a very creative mind, and he also does a nice job with the team -- the offensive side of that. I defer more to him than any of the guys. Andy Heck is another one who gets zero credit — which I think he probably likes — but the run game stuff like these RPOs Youth Kareem Hunt Jersey , he’s really bought in. This is different than what we all came up with, and Andy — as a line coach — had to make some changes there. He loves this stuff. He comes up with some phenomenal ideas.”Other notes from Monday’s press conference:Reid denied even being aware that the Chiefs have now won 19 of their last 20 division games but readily admitted the Chiefs make those games a priority in their planning. ”We spend time in the offseason practicing against AFC West teams, and doing what we can to do some homework on them. So there’s an emphasis there, but you’re only as good as that one game. So we try to stay focused on that.”Reid spoke about his sideline conversation with Tyreek Hill, after Hill had to be separated from Broncos defensive back Tramaine Brock in Sunday’s game. “He was fired up. And he’s not that kind of player. I don’t worry about him. But something happened there. The guy kind of took a shot at him. So it fired him up a little bit. He’s a competitive guy, but he normally keeps it all together, but he wanted to get after him. So I just told him to calm down.”Reid said that with the trade deadline approaching, he wasn’t aware of any trades in the works. ”I haven’t talked to Brett Veach today about any of that, so I don’t know where he is today. Up to today, we didn’t have anything. But you never know with him. He doesn’t miss much.”
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 Sure, there is an NFL game on Thursday in week one of the season each year, but that game isn’t considered to be a “true” Thursday Night Football game. Both teams have had a full week off since the final preseason game and although final cuts Youth Jamaal Williams Jersey come in during that time, the players’ bodies are able to recover relatively normally.That is not so in week two, as the two AFC North teams squaring off tonight are coming off just three full days of rest after their games last Sunday. Tonight’s game features a pair of 1-0 teams who hold a half-game lead over the Browns and Steelers (who tied on the opening Sunday of the year).Let’s get our week two kicked off right with some ugly football from the Queen City.WHO?Baltimore Ravens (1-0) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0)WHERE?Paul Brown StadiumCincinnati, OhioWHEN?Thursday, September 13, 20188:20 PM Eastern TimeHOW?TV Broadcast: NFL NetworkOnline Streaming: NFL Network OnlineRadio Broadcast: Westwood One SportsANYTHING ELSE?2017 MeetingsWeek 1: Ravens 20, @Bengals 0Week 17: Bengals 31 , @Ravens 27All-Time Series HistoryRegular Season: Tied 22-22-0Postseason: No postseason meetingsOddsRavens favored by 1.5 pointsOver/under total: 45 Piling tire fire on top of train wreck on top of dumpster explosion, Packers’ starting outside linebacker, and mostly invisible edge rusher Nick Perry injured his ankle, and is questionable to return. The injury, which serves as a microcosm of the total effort on the day, is next in a long line of adding injury to insult. Perry’s injury wouldn’t be terribly significant for a team with competent backup at the position, but in this instance it grants more playing time to sub-replacement outside linebacker Kyler Fackrell, who, by the way Randall Cobb Jersey , leads the Packers in sacks on the season. The Packers will need a big defensive effort if they wish to have any hope of overcoming yet another terrible start due to poor game planning and coaching, and without Perry, and possibly Kevin King, who had his face stepped on while I was writing this, the long day may continue. King is now being carted to the locker room, and leaves a gaping hole in the secondary without Jaire Alexander. Given the urgency the Packers showed on their last drive, it probably won’t take too long.
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After an eventful Saturday the Bengals have their initial 53-man roster. On Sunday , after the players they cut get a chance to go through waivers, the Bengals will have the opportunity to bring some of them back as members of the practice squad.Practice squad players must have no more than two accrued years of NFL experience, with the exception of four players who can be in their third year in the NFL. An accrued season is one in which a player is on the active roster, PUP, or IR for six or more games. This means that veterans like Josh Shaw and Michael Johnson are not eligible for the practice squad. You can find more information on practice squad eligibility here. Teams tend to put their own draft picks who were cut on their practice squad, such would be the case for quarterback Logan Woodside and defensive tackle Andrew Brown. The practice squad is also a common place for offensive linemen to develop as teams don’t generally carry a lot of depth at that position.Bengals practice squad projection:LB Brandon Bell (first-year player, Penn State)DT Andrew Brown (rookie, Virginia)HB Quinton Flowers (rookie, South Florida)CB C.J. Goodwin (third-player, California [Pa.])HB Brian Hill (second-year player, Wyoming)C Brad Lundblade (rookie, Oklahoma State)OT Justin Murray (first-year player, Cincinnati)CB KeiVarae Russell (third-year player, Notre Dame)WR Kermit Whitfield (first-year player, Florida State)QB Logan Woodside (rookie, Toledo)*TE Moritz B枚hringer (first-year player, Aalen [Germany])*Does not count toward 10 practice squad players as an International Pathway Program player.Bengals waived on Saturday with practice squad eligibility:LB Brandon Bell (first-year player, Penn State)S Tyrice Beverette (rookie, Stony Brook)TE Moritz B枚hringer (first-year player, Aalen [Germany])WR Devonte Boyd (rookie, Nevada-Las Vegas)DT Andrew Brown (rookie Youth C.J. Uzomah Jersey , Virginia)K Jonathan Brown (first-year player, Louisville)HB Quinton Flowers (rookie, South Florida)H-B Jordan Franks (rookie, Central Florida)CB C.J. Goodwin (third-player, California [Pa.])HB Brian Hill (second-year player, Wyoming)LB Junior Joseph (rookie, Connecticut)C Brad Lundblade (rookie, Oklahoma State)WR Jared Murphy (rookie, Miami [Ohio])OT Justin Murray (first-year player, Cincinnati)DT Chris Okoye (rookie, Ferris State; injured, may revert to Reserve/Injured)OT Kent Perkins (first-year player, Texas)DT Simeyon Robinson (rookie, James Madison)WR Kayaune Ross (rookie, Kentucky)CB KeiVarae Russell (third-year player, Notre Dame)WR Ka’Raun White (rookie, West Virginia)WR Kermit Whitfield (first-year player, Florida State)DT Eddy Wilson (rookie, Purdue)QB Logan Woodside (rookie, Toledo)LB Chris Worley (rookie, Ohio State)Note: the difference between a rookie and first year player is that first year players have been in the NFL for at least one year but don’t have an accrued year of NFL experience.Cowboys sign CB C.J. Goodwin off Bengals’ practice squad The Bengals have a vacant spot on their practice squad.That’s because the Cowboys just signed cornerback C.J. Goodwin from Cincinnati’s practice squad on Tuesday.Goodwin Womens Joe Mixon Jersey , who was signed by the Bengals on August 4, had four tackles in the preseason finale against the Colts before being waived during final cuts. He has spent the entire season on the practice squad thus far, but now he’ll get a shot to make his mark on the Cowboys’ 53-man roster. He was originally an undrafted free agent signed by the Steelers in 2014, though he never played a regular season game for them. He then moved onto the Falcons and Cardinals. In 2016 with Atlanta, Goodwin played in 14 games with one start and recorded two pass defenses and six tackles. He played on the Falcons’ Super Bowl team in 2016.Goodwin has spent time this year with the Giants and 49ers. In his final season of college at California University of Pennsylvania, Goodwin posted 11 catches for 126 yards and one touchdown. He also added one kick return that went for 25 yards. From there, he made his way into the NFL as a cornerback, a position the Bengals may now look to find another body at for their practice squad, which now looks like this:TE Moritz B枚hringer* (first-year player, Aalen [Germany]DT Andrew Brown (rookie, Virginia)HB Quinton Flowers (rookie, South Florida)H-B Jordan Franks (rookie, Central Florida)C Brad Lundblade (rookie, Oklahoma State)OT Kent Perkins (first-year player, Texas)CB KeiVarae Russell (third-year player, Notre Dame)WR Kermit Whitfield (first-year player, Florida State)LB Chris Worley (rookie, Ohio State)QB Christian Hackenberg (third-year player, Penn State)*Doesn’t count toward 10-man practice squad limit since he’s part of NFL international program.
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 NBC SportsPeter King breaks down just how far Jared Goff has come since his rocky start back in the Fisherian Era. Watching this clip will likely provide a fair level of satisfaction for Rams fans. Mo Alexander is back in Seattle I 247SportsOur old Rams pal Maurice Alexander appears to have landed in Seattle , where roster spots have been opening faster than new Starbucks (Starbukses?). The interesting twist is he might not play safety at all, he may actually play some weakside linebacker, where he played at times during the preseason for Seattle before being waived.Seattle Times NFL team rankingsI Seattle TimesIt’s always fun to check out what the newspapers in rival team’s markets are saying about the Rams. Well, in the Seattle Times everything seems to be in order as the Rams hold down the top position in the Times’ weekly rankings. Defensive coordinators only see McVay’s back, because he’s three steps of ahead of em I Rams Official SiteMyles Simmons delivers a interesting breakdown of several of Sean McVay’s triumphs last week against the Vikings. It’s always fun to look at the ways McVay adjusts his personnel packages to deliver the matchups that he can exploit. Suh enjoying success as an end I Rams Official SiteWade Phillips has been allowing Ndamukong Suh to enjoy several different points of attack this season, including playing end, where he has flourished. Myles Simmons explores the ability the Suh to thrive away from the interior of the defensive line. Linebacker Mychal Kendricks suspended by Seahawks I SB NationWith our attention shifting to this week’s opponent, the Seattle Seahawks have suspended linebacker Mychal Kendricks  Womens Lamarcus Joyner Jersey , who will likely be serving time after pleading guilty to insider trading.So far this season, Kendricks is the Seahawks fifth leading tackler and is second on the team in sacks. This should be a tough blow for Seattle, who is already without linebacker K.J. Wright.Colin Cowherd ranks his Top 10 through Week 4 I Fox SportsColin Cowherd ranks the teams through Week 4. Colin has a few surprises here and there, and of course the red hot Rams land somewhere in Cowherd’s Top 10.Random Ramsdom 8/24: Sitting the LA Rams starters, McVay’s work-life balance, and secret superstars Gurley won’t play, Goff likely won’t vs. Texans | Rams’ official siteOn Thursday, McVay confirmed those two veteran offensive lineman will be out on Saturday. But he also added one name to the list of players who definitely will not play: running back Todd Gurley. And based on the availability of the Rams’ offensive line , quarterback Jared Goff’s playing status is also up in the air.Why McVay is right to sit Goff, Gurley in preseason | Rams WireAlthough Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay had previously hinted that Jared Goff and Todd Gurley would play in the team’s third preseason game against the Houston Texans, those plans appear to have been scrapped.NFL’s most dynamic team? 10 thoughts on the 2018 Rams | MMQBWith the NFL season just a couple weeks away, Andy Benoit is previewing every NFL team in reverse order of last season’s finish. Up today: the Los Angeles Rams, who finished 11–5 in 2017. This is an updated version of a story that originally ran in June for The MMQB’s California Week.For McVay, work-life balance is a work in progress | Sports IllustratedThe NFL’s youngest coach got here with a single-minded devotion to the game. Don’t expect the Rams’ savior to change anytime soon.Gurley on sitting preseason: “everyone’s dream” | ESPNLos Angeles Rams running back and reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year Todd Gurley isn’t concerned that missing the preseason could lead to a slow start to the regular season.Rams trying out Easley at outside linebacker | Pro Football TalkThe Los Angeles Rams have decided to try out 6-foot-2, 273-pound lineman Dominique Easley at linebacker now that he’s back from an ACL injury that forced him to begin training camp on the physically unable to perform list.Rams-Texans: Four key matchups to watch in preseason Week 3 | Rams WireHere are four battles to watch when the two teams take the field this weekend.Robey-Coleman mastering the art manning the slot | Rams’ official siteWhen the Rams overhauled their cornerback position in early March by trading for Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, they made another move that didn’t receive as many headlines but may be just as consequential. Brockers is Rams’ secret star | NFL NetworkRams defensive lineman Michael Brockers hasn’t watched the tape. Not even any cut-ups. Last season’s 26-13 Wild Card Round loss to visiting Atlanta is still bitter to Brockers.NFL’s secret superstars on offense | Pro Football FocusOften the hardest part of creating a list like this Youth Ndamukong Suh Jersey , is defining what we mean by “Secret Superstar.” Is it secret to a reasonably versed generalist? Maybe secret to a hardcore fan of that team? You get the picture. Then we come to the term “superstar.” In this context, what does that mean? Outside of it’s alliterative properties, it means underrated or undervalued.Red-Zone Efficiency: Highest red-zone grades among returning NFL QBs | PFFPutting points on the board when working inside of the 20-yard line is paramount for offenses to have success, which is, of course, much easier said than done. Here, we preview the league’s best quarterbacks at making things easier for offensive coordinators in the red zone.Three ways the Rams have failed AD99 | Ramblin FanThe Los Angeles Rams are business as usual, even as Aaron Donald remains away from the team , with no one knowing when or how this all ends.Watch: Talib, Peters forget which day of the week it is | Rams WireAfter sharing a room and a golf cart in training camp, the two have become extremely close – so close that they both forgot what day it was on Wednesday.Rams, Pizza Hut announce partnership just in time for football | Rams’ official sitePizza Hut announced today that it has added the Los Angeles Rams to its roster of local team partnerships for the 2018 NFL season.Bryant, Reid top list of available free agents | CBS SportsHere’s a look at who’s out there and what their potential deals might look like
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Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse , a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100-plus plugged-in fans from each team.Interested in joining the Chiefs’ FanPulse? Sign up HERE.With the Kansas City Chiefs’ 3-0 start to the 2018 NFL season, I wondered this week if Chiefs fans would start feeling like it was Super Bowl-or-bust territory.We have our answer, via this week’s FanPulse:To my surprise, 87 percent of Chiefs fans would be OK if the Chiefs didn’t win a championship this season. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that Patrick Mahomes is only 23, meaning there is plenty of time for championships. One thing that has to be fun for Chiefs fans right now is checking in on confidence around the AFC West.As you might expect, fan-base confidence in the first-place Chiefs has remained steady all season. But the same can’t be said for the Denver Broncos, LA Chargers and Oakland Raiders. After the Broncos’ 27-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week, MileHighReport’s fan confidence rating dropped 51 percentage points! I could only imagine what a loss on Monday night to the Chiefs might mean for that rating next week.Patrick Mahomes was six years old when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl The most enduring reference from John Ford’s classic 1962 Western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance — a story about a young lawyer named Ransom Stoddard Authentic Steven Nelson Jersey , who is mistakenly credited by the townspeople as the man who killed the outlaw who had been terrorizing them — was spoken by reporter Maxwell Scott, who was interviewing Stoddard many years later to get the facts of the story.After Stoddard (played by Jimmy Stewart) explains that it was Tom Doniphon (played by John Wayne) who had actually killed Liberty Valance, Stoddard asks Scott if he’s going to use the story he’s just been told.“This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”There was a bit of that going on during Wednesday’s media session at Arrowhead, in advance of Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was six years old on February 3, 2002, when New England quarterback Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams.So it was only natural for reporters to ask Mahomes — now 23 — about playing against the 41-year-old Brady.Mahomes was asked where he was and what he was doing when Tom Brady “stepped in for Drew Bledsoe to beat the Rams” — a reference to Brady’s first Super Bowl win.Except that’s not what actually happened.Brady replaced Bledsoe earlier that season, when he was injured in the fourth quarter of a Week 2 loss to the New York Jets.Brady started every game thereafter.But you can’t expect Mahomes to correct a reporter about something that happened when he was six.So he gamely answered the question.“I was very young Authentic Patrick Mahomes II Jersey ,” Mahomes said. “I don’t remember those first few Super Bowls he won. I remember the Super Bowl snow game where they kicked the field goal for the win. Seeing his successes year-in and year-out as I’ve gotten older is truly special — to see all of that hard work pay off.”If you haven’t yet seen it, the video of this response is priceless.Except... Mahomes didn’t get his facts straight, either.The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl by kicking a field goal in the snow.Mahomes was apparently referring to the 2001 divisional playoff game between the Patriots and the Oakland Raiders, which was played two weeks before Brady’s first Super Bowl win.In that game — better known as the Tuck Rule Game — Patriots placekicker Adam Vinatieri kicked a 45-yard field goal from a snow-covered field to send the game into overtime, and another 23-yard field goal to win the game.But I’m not here to poke Mahomes for not remembering that he’s likely only seen the Tuck Rule Game years later on tape.I just like making fun of reporters who get their facts wrong.Besides, without realizing it, Mahomes explained how he probably came to see film of this famous game.It happened when he was asked if he had spent time studying Brady.“Yes, I definitely watched a good amount of him in college,” he said. “Coach Kingsbury actually played with Tom at one point. He liked to show me some things that he did where he was in the pocket Womens Harrison Butker Jersey , his pocket movements and things like that. I have definitely taken some things from him. He does it at such a high level, it’s something you have to strive to be like.”When asked, Mahomes said he was looking forward to the opportunity to play “against” Brady, and took the opportunity to remind reporters the two of them wouldn’t be on the field at the same time.Mahomes in New England as the Chiefs’ backup prior to the game last season. Alex Smith was the starter.Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images“It is going to be a great opportunity. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks — if not the greatest — to ever play. I am going against their defense, but as a team we are going to go in and try to compete. They are a good team in the AFC every single year. Just to compete against one of the best teams in the league is going to be an awesome opportunity.”Still, Mahomes remains fairly matter-of-fact about what the Chiefs will face against New England.“First off, they are going to have a game plan on trying to stop some of your better guys. With us, I feel like the mentality we’ve had this entire season is that whoever is open, give them the ball and let them make the play is going to help us out a ton. They are going to do some stuff to try to confuse me , but I am going to try to maintain our game plan and keep working.”Mahomes — who is currently exceeding Brady in almost all NFL passing statistics — was asked if he considers Brady to be the best of all time.“That’s a hard question. It kind of depends on what you like. I don’t necessarily know if I have just one that I would say is the best. He’s the one who won all the championships. That’s one of the biggest parts about it.”Mahomes is exactly right about that.Brady now has five Super Bowl rings — more than any other quarterback.That would be a worthy goal for Mahomes to achieve — so that in 2035, another young quarterback can be asked about where they were and what they were doing when Patrick Mahomes won his first Super Bowl.Hopefully, he’ll mistake a dramatic Mahomes highlight he’s seen from this Sunday’s game as something that happened in a Super Bowl.Because this is the NFL.When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
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At 3-4-1 Youth Clay Matthews Jersey , the Packers rank third in their own division standings but could still find a way to sneak into the playoffs over their final eight regular-season games. Their offense could still become a dynamo given the top-shelf talent on the roster but it has yet to translate in the red zone. The new defense called by Mike Pettine has made strides since the bye week but must now accommodate for the lack of adequate (or even healthy) safeties.But regardless of how the rest of 2018 unfolds, Sunday’s 31-17 loss to the New England Patriots will mark the unofficial end of the Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay.McCarthy has faced the Patriots three times as a head coach, each serving as a measuring stick for his teams in that given moment. The first, an Aaron Rodgers-less matchup with the eventual No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, showcased the depth of the Packers’ roster and previewed their eventual Super Bowl run later that season. The second, arguably McCarthy’s finest coaching performance, turned on Green Bay’s expert use of wideout Randall Cobb in the backfield, a tactic borrowed by numerous NFL teams since.Conversely, Sunday’s game in Foxborough underscored just how far the Packers have fallen behind their competition. While McCarthy followed a relatively straightforward game plan, the Patriots unleashed multiple trick plays and packages specifically designed to exploit their opponent’s deficiencies. Green Bay’s defense had no answer for the lightspeed no-huddle offense Tom Brady led on the opening drive, nor did the unit have any idea what to do on the James White-Julian Edelman flea flicker that set the Patriots up 2 yards away from the goal line. The difference in coaching represented the biggest (and perhaps only) meaningful difference between the two teams, an indictment of McCarthy and the staff he has assembled.McCarthy has come under fire at multiple points during his Packers tenure and has always found a way to extinguish the torches outside 1265 Lombardi Ave. His record as head coach -- 124-74-2 -- puts him in rare company, as does his status as a Super Bowl champion. He has produced some of the greatest offenses the NFL has ever seen, and his teams have performed more consistently than all but a few across the league during his time as a headman.However Womens Blake Martinez Jersey , McCarthy’s once-golden touch hasn’t manifested in 2018, nor did it a year ago when Aaron Rodgers missed most of the season with a fractured collarbone. Looking back further, McCarthy’s last two playoff squads also underperformed offensively relative to their talent, a sign that a bigger drop-off approached. At a time when more NFL teams have adopted concepts from the college game, the Packers look stagnant, lifted only when their future Hall of Fame quarterback goes supernova. While that recipe could still yield another playoff berth if the Packers get enough breaks, it doesn’t portend well for their title hopes.Green Bay’s management hasn’t made a public statement suggesting a hot seat for McCarthy, but their actions belie their words. Team president Mark Murphy restructured the organization this past offseason in order to give himself the power to hire and fire the head coach. At the same time, Murphy demoted longtime general manager Ted Thompson in order to install Brian Gutekunst, a move further reducing McCarthy’s ties to the front office. Sunday morning’s report that the Cleveland Browns -- a team led by a cavalcade of former Packers scouts -- see McCarthy as a possible replacement for deposed head coach Hue Jackson further reinforces the idea that Green Bay will make a change this offseason.And while the Packers won’t formalize that decision until after their final game, the move became unavoidable in November.Don’t read anything into Packers first unofficial ‘depth chart’ When the Green Bay Packers’ first depth chart came out last August, Kevin King was no better than CB5, sitting on the third-string line for the Packers. By the second half of Week 2, he was starting.To be sure Womens Geronimo Allison Jersey , injuries contributed to King’s rise, but so did the struggles of Damarious Randall.Injuries happen in the NFL. They should be expected. The only constant with any roster is that it’s never constant whether that is because someone gets injured, or plays poorly, another player breaks out. LaDarius Gunter had been ahead of King on the depth chart and all of a sudden he wasn’t even on the roster. And that’s just at one position. So when the first depth chart comes out, as it did on Monday, it’s not worth making much of it. Jaire Alexander’s presence on the second team ahead of some veteran players should be noted, since Mike McCarthy generally favors veteran players early in camp. Jake Kumerow’s star turn in camp reflects his spot on the depth chart, but his chances of beating out three draft picks aren’t significantly better today than they were two weeks ago. On Tuesday, McCarthy wasn’t even ready to decide on a No. 2 quarterback until after practice. That’s how close these battles are and how much still has to be decided. Both McCarthy and Brian Gutekunst emphasized the need to wait and see. Green Bay hasn’t even played a preseason game. Gutekunst also spoke about the difficulty in evaluating young players in particular because so much of the process at this point involves simply getting them ready to show their ability. They have to get up to speed and that usually requires time. Expecting these rookies to be up to speed by now would be a fool’s errand. There’s far too much left to be decided, too many position battles to be waged, to care much about the depth chart in early August. Here’s how you make best use of these things: look at the first line under “Quarterback.” If it says “Aaron Rodgers,” stop reading and go get a beer. It’s August. R-E-L-A-X.
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Thanks to the only Week 1 head-to-head matchup in the division ending in a tie , all four AFC North teams were undefeated after Week 1.Three teams would ending up losing in Week 2, giving the Bengals sole possession of first place in the AFC North.That’s right, the Bengals are in first place in the AFC North and both the Steelers and Browns have yet to win a game in 2018.The Thursday night showdown between the Ravens and the Bengals determined the leader of the pack, as the two 1-0 teams faced off at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals took care of the Ravens in primetime, putting up 34 points and forcing three turnovers to keep a hold of the division. The Bengals, now 2-0, are the only undefeated team left in the division as the 1-1 Ravens slide into second place.Coming off of a tie, both the Steelers and the Browns lost their subsequent matches, rounding out last place.Browns fall to Saints 21-18The Browns lost a heartbreaker in the Big Easy and are now 0-1-1. After leading for most of the game, the Saints were able to close the game out thanks to four missed kicks from Zane Gonzalez. The Browns kicker missed two field goals and two extra points, including one in the final second of the game. Gonzalez left eight points on the field, so each missed kick cost the Browns some mental resolve. The Browns ended up falling 21-18 to secure a share of last place.Steelers lose to Chiefs 42-37The Steelers overcame a 21-point deficit to leave the field at halftime tied with the Chiefs. But Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdowns for the Chiefs and the Steelers were unable to answer every score. Pittsburgh made a late push to be within five points, but fell short. The Steelers lost to the Chiefs in Pittsburgh for the first time since 1986. The final score of the shootout was 42-37.So after two weeks, the Bengals are in first place. But there are 14 more weeks to go and anything can happen. After all, the NFL can be a very strange place.Here’s a look at the AFC North standings after Week 2:Cincinnati Bengals: 2-0: 1-0 in division, 2-0 in conferenceBaltimore Ravens: 1-1: 0-1 in division, 1-1 in conferenceCleveland Browns: 0-1-1: 0-0-1 in division, 0-0-1 in conferencePittsburgh Steelers: 0-1-1: 0-0-1 in division, 0-1 in conference We’ve reached the midway point of the NFL regular season, which means your fantasy football season is inching closer toward the playoffs. With that in mind, here is a look at the latest waiver wire moves to make for your fantasy football team heading into Week 9 of the NFL season:Fantasy Football Week 9 AddsSeahawks WR David MooreBreak out the Seahawks, who have now won four of their last five games following an 0-2 start. A big reason for their emergence has been second-year receiver David Moore. He’s caught at least two passes in his last four games (13 targets) after getting just one target in his first three games. But Moore finally had a breakout game against the Lions Bengals Alex Redmond Jersey , catching four balls for 97 yards (4 targets) and a score. He now has four touchdowns over his last three games and would be a great addition for receiver-needy fantasy owners. Raiders RB Doug MartinWith Marshawn Lynch now on IR, the Raiders’ backfield got a big shakeup heading into the second half of the regular season. While Jalen Richard is the better back to own in PPR leagues (8 grabs for 80 yards vs. the Colts), Doug Martin is getting most of the carries, making him slightly more valuable in standard leagues. Against the Colts, Martin went for 72 yards on just 13 carries in a game Oakland trailed in for much of the second half. He’s worth adding if you’re in need of running back depth going forward. Panthers TE Greg OlsenThis is a ‘captain obvious’ add, but after Greg Olsen suffered his foot injury, the second major foot issue he’s had since 2017, many fantasy owners dropped the reliable tight end. However, Olsen returned to action sooner than expected, and he finally got back in rhythm with four grabs for 56 yards and a score vs. the Ravens. As of Sunday, he was still free in about 20 percent of CBS leagues, so go do a quick scan and see if you’re lucky enough to add Olsen to your team this week. Dolphins WR DeVante Parker Now healthy and getting a healthy amount of snaps, Devante Parker is becoming a force again for the Dolphins. Against the Texans, Parker went off for 134 yards on six grabs (9 targets). When healthy, Parker has been a worthy WR2/flex play for fantasy owners. Health has been his main downfall, so as long as he has that, he’s worth rostering in all leagues. Bucs QB Ryan FitzpatrickWith Jameis Winston melting down, watch out for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who torched the Bengals for 194 yards and two scores in essentially just a quarter of work. Fitzpatrick also has some favorable matchups against Washington, Carolina, New York, New Orleans and San Francisco coming up. There’s also a Week 17 matchup with the putrid Falcons if that’s when you have your fantasy championship and your regular starter doesn’t play much , if at all that week (think Jared Goff, Patrick Mahomes and Kirk Cousins). If he’s named the starter this week, Fitzmagic is worth picking up if you’re in need of quarterback help. Conditional Add: Broncos WR Courtland SuttonWith the trade deadline on Tuesday, there’s a chance the Broncos trade one of Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas. But even with those two still in Denver, rookie Courtland Sutton is starting to emerge. He caught three passes on four targets for 78 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs. He’s got just 17 grabs in eight games this season, so it’s hard to add him this week unless one of Sanders/Thomas is traded. If a trade happens, then Sutton suddenly becomes one of the hottest adds to make this week. Conditional Add: Bucs WR Chris GodwinAnother conditional add based on a potential trade is Chris Godwin, who could be in line for a bigger workload if DeSean Jackson is dealt (he’s requested a trade). Godwin had good chemistry with Fitzpatrick earlier in the season with 13 grabs on 20 targets over his first three games, so if Fitzpatrick is named the starter and Jackson is dealt, this becomes a sneaky fantasy add to make this week. Fantasy Football Week 9 DropsBengals TE CJ UzomahThe Bengals just can’t find a tight end to feature with Tyler Eifert now out for the season. Initially, it looked like CJ Uzomah was going to be the guy, but since Eifert went down, Uzomah has caught just 11 passes for 116 yards and one score. That included zero grabs on four targets against the Buccaneers, a game in which rookie tight end Jordan Franks actually made a 32-yard grab. You can safely drop Uzomah heading into the bye week. Jaguars RB Carlos HydeIt’s been a rough fall for Carlos Hyde, who fell out of favor in Cleveland, then was traded to the Jaguars for insurance as Leonard Fournette battles his hamstring injury. But even after the move, Hyde has been a ghost while TJ Yeldon got most of the touches. Hyde has just 45 yards in two games, and the Jaguars are now on the bye week with Fournette set to return soon after. It’s time to part ways with Hyde. Eagles RB Corey ClementAnother running back heading into his bye that needs to be cut is Corey Clement, who has fallen behind Wendell Smallwood and even Josh Adams in Philly’s backfield. Clement had just 15 touches over his last two games for a grand total of 27 yards and has just two total scores this season. You can safely cut him. Bucs QB Jameis WinstonIt’s been a rough go of it for Jameis Winston since returning from his three-game ban. That came to a head Sunday when he tossed four picks against the Bengals, including a pick-six to rookie safety Jessie Bates. He was also sacked five times and was just a disaster on offense, leading to his benching in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Cut bait with Winston ASAP.
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That foundation has developed a frightening amount of cracks , one-fourth of the way through Zimmer's fifth season. The Vikings allowed 456 passing yards in their 38-31 loss in Los Angeles to the Rams on Thursday night, the highest total against them since 1980.Zimmer said afterward he's never been a part of pass defense so poor in his career, which includes successful stretches as an innovative defensive coordinator with Cincinnati and Dallas. The following afternoon, Zimmer wasn't in any better of a mood when he was asked to assess the coverage breakdowns that led to five touchdown passes by Jared Goff."It was guys getting out of position. There was some misdirection plays. It was similar to what we've gotten before," Zimmer said on a conference call with reporters on Friday. "Some of it was corners, some of it was safeties, some of it was linebackers, some of it was nickels, some of it was me."You?"I might be over-coaching them some," Zimmer said.The good news is the Vikings have three extra days to recover from the Rams game and prepare for their trip to Philadelphia. The bad news is that next game is against the Super Bowl champion Eagles, who were last seen by the Vikings in that 38-7 blowout in the NFC championship game. As dominant as Zimmer's defenses have been, certain teams with versatile and creative passing attacks have been able to exploit them. The Eagles last season and the Rams this year are two glaring examples.Zimmer stopped short of blaming his system for the problems against the Rams, noting the 24-7 victory by the Vikings in Minnesota last season, but the most devastating plays against them on Thursday night were the result of mismatches that Rams head coach Sean McVay helped create with either pre-snap confusion or clever play-calling.Vikings outside linebacker Anthony Barr wound up in coverage on three of the five touchdown passes Cooper Kupp Jersey Elite , to running back Todd Gurley , wide receiver Cooper Kupp and wide receiver Robert Woods ."They had a good game plan against us," defensive end Danielle Hunter said. "We made more mistakes than they did, and then they ended up on top."The Vikings only allowed 300-plus passing yards in six games over Zimmer's first four seasons, let alone 400-plus, with a previous high of 383 passing yards at Miami in 2014. Even the 2013 team that finished next-to-last in the league in passing defense didn't yield a 400-yard game.With the arrival of a new quarterback and offensive coordinator, Zimmer said, he figured the Vikings (1-2-1) could start slowly the season. They were 2-2 at the first-quarter mark last year, before finishing 13-3. So all is not lost, but this once-daunting defense has a lot of work to do."This team has a chance to be really, really good. One week it's the offense. One week it's the defense. One week it's the special teams," Zimmer said. "If we put it all together, we can beat any team there is." The Los Angeles Rams realize they're a popular Super Bowl pick after their spectacular first quarter of the season. Pundits, fans and other teams seem to be lining up to praise them.While they appreciate the respect Aaron Donald Jersey Elite , this is a profoundly weird experience for any Rams who were around even two years ago for the franchise's less-than-glorious return to LA after a decade of losing in St. Louis.This team doesn't have much experience in being the favorites for anything, and the Rams are wary of the role."I hate it," said Michael Brockers, who has been on the defensive line for seven years."I hate looking at 'SportsCenter' and they've got you at the top of the power rankings," Brockers added with a smile. "It's just like, you know, stop crowning us! For me, I'm a humble guy. I don't want to be crowned. I always want the attitude of being the hungry dog, being the underdog, because you almost seem to be more hungrier when you play like that."Nobody with any experience in the Rams' locker room has forgotten that this franchise is just one year removed from streaks of 13 consecutive losing seasons and 12 consecutive non-playoff seasons. Humility is relatively easy with that struggle still on their minds, according to the players and coaches who went through it.Jared Goff doesn't even turn 24 until next Sunday, but he remembers going 0-7 as a rookie starter for the hapless Rams of 2016."I don't think we're getting any bit caught up in anything," said Goff, who's second in the NFL with 1 Authentic Todd Gurley Jersey ,406 yards passing after his outstanding effort against Minnesota. "I think a lot of people on this team, being part of that team two years ago, understand how easy it is to be on the other side of it, and you don't ever want to go back there. You understand the work that needs to be put in to stay where you're at."Receiver Robert Woods said it's "easy" to ignore the attention the Rams (4-0) are getting."It's just buzz," he said. "It's just noise. We've been on both sides. We've been not talked about, and now we're being talked about, but it's really just focus. We know how it goes. We had a great year last year and fell short, and I think this year the team is just focused. No outside distractions. Don't blink. Just focus on one goal."Los Angeles was revived last season by coach Sean McVay, going 11-5 and winning the NFC West before losing its playoff opener. This season's team appeared to be even stronger on paper — and through four games, that's exactly what it has been.The Rams lead the NFL with 468.5 yards per game of offense, increasing their total every week. Only five teams have allowed fewer points than the Rams, and their special teams have thrived despite losing two of their four Pro Bowl selections to injury.The rest of the football world can get excited about the Rams, but McVay reflexively downplays any idea that they're a Super Bowl favorite."I have no doubt that we have the right kind of guys in our locker room that know it's about earning it every single day," McVay said. "They are confident Todd Gurley Jersey Elite , but like we've said over and over, there's a humility that exists."Along with the respect they've garnered, the Rams' 15-5 record over the past 20 regular-season games has turned them into a target for opponents, who realize they're facing one of the NFL's best.The power shift in the NFC West could be cemented this weekend if the Rams can win in Seattle for the second straight season. The Seahawks had won eight division titles in 13 years before Los Angeles shoved past them last season, but the Rams only spoke of the Seahawks with immense respect Wednesday."Being hunted, I don't think that bothers us," Brockers said. "Because we've been underdogs for so long, so our mentality isn't even that we're that good. We've won some games, but we know we can get better."Attention has even darker aspects for professional athletes: Woods' house was burglarized last Thursday while he was playing against the Minnesota Vikings. Police arrested four suspects Tuesday in connection with that crime and a series of planned heists at celebrities' homes."It's an unfortunate event, but I'm happy they caught them," said Woods, a native of the Los Angeles suburbs. "I'm happy nobody got hurt. I guess it's LA territory."
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The latestChiefs’ Tyreek Hill had the two fastest recorded speeds in Sunday’s games | Kansas City StarTime to overreact about NFL Week 1: Should Le’Veon be sweating? | ESPNThe Chiefs gave us a peek at the future of NFL offenses | USA TodayNFL Power Rankings Week 2: Latest Outlook and 2018-19 Super Bowl Odds | Bleacher ReportNFL schedule and scores 2018: The best and worst moments from Sunday in Week 1 | SB NationQB Patrick Mahomes lifts Chiefs in second career start | ESPNMonday Morning Digest: The Steelers and Le’Veon Bell Are Risking It All | Bleacher ReportNFL Week 2 early odds: Patriots not favored to win for first time since 2016 | CBS SportsFescoe in the Morning 09/10 - Mike Parson | 610 Sports RadioAround the leagueAaron Rodgers is NFL’s Michael Jordan; Cowboys in big trouble | NFLThe NFL may have sent fake fan letters to the FCC in 2014 to keep a sports blackout rule | The VergeCBS , Fox see ratings gains in Week 1 of NFL season | USA TodayWATCH: 5 key plays from Broncos victory against Seattle | The Denver PostThe N.F.L.’s New Tackling Rule: The Good, the Bad and the Confusing | The New York TimesBears defense runs out of gas, but when tank is full, look out | ESPNPatriots RB Jeremy Hill (ACL) out for the season | NFLMatt Nagy says he apologized to Bears for questionable playcalls | Larry Brown SportsOfficiating chief: Refs erred on call against Browns’ Myles Garrett | NFLIn case you missed it at Arrowhead PrideThe Re-Up: Tyreek Hill was excellent Sunday, and we still don’t know his ceilingYes, Andy Reid says Eric Berry is still day-to-dayChiefs vs. Chargers: Making sense of snap counts...Social Media Information:AP Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageAP Instagram: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Twitter: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Editor-in-Chief: Pete Sweeney: Follow @pgsween610 Sports Twitter: Follow @610SportsKCWeek 5 True Power Rankings: Chiefs hold steady after factoring in numbers Week 5 is here, and after figuring in the data from the number-crunchers we’ve been tracking, the Kansas City Chiefs are still in second place overall behind the Los Angeles Rams.But the Jacksonville Jaguars — the team the Chiefs face at Arrowhead on Sunday — are right behind them!Here’s how the crunchers see the NFL this week:Cruncher Power Rankings for Week 5Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsThe Chiefs are still looking good, with an average cruncher ranking of third, which is down one spot from last week.Elo still likes the Chiefs — ranking them first — because the Chiefs are the last remaining undefeated team from last season’s top teams.The Rams — the other undefeated team — started the season from farther back in the pack, so by Elo’s reckoning Youth Xavier Williams Jersey , that’s only good for third right now.DVOA continues to be impressed with the overall play of the Chiefs so far — especially on offense.PE and SRS both give the Chiefs upticks in their rankings following their four-point victory over the Denver Broncos.Now let’s average the Pundit Power Rankings from Tuesday with the Cruncher Power Rankings we just showed you.True Power Rankings for Week 5Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsAs you can see, the Chiefs are still ranked second in the Week 5 True Power Rankings — tops in the AFC, and well ahead of their division rivals — which serves to confirm what we saw in Tuesday’s pundit power rankings.Elsewhere, the crunchers continue to like the Baltimore Ravens more than the pundits do. They’re holding steady with DVOA, SRS and PE — and with their 3-1 record, they’re catching up in Elo. But although the pundits are taking notice — ranking them seventh on Tuesday — they’re not yet convinced.In the crunchers’ estimation, the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots both rise by double digits this week, and the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers take a hard tumble.The pundits, however, didn’t see a big change with the Packers.Otherwise they agreed, giving boosts to the Patriots and downgrading the Dolphins and Steelers.Now let’s look at the grades for the week:Cruncher Grades for Week 5Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsNow that we’re a quarter of the way through the season Youth Patrick Mahomes Jersey , we can give the crunchers a little more credit for what they say.And here we see that the both the Chiefs and Jaguars are facing their toughest test of the season this Sunday.Both teams have faced four average (or below average) opponents thus far: the Chiefs have played the Chargers, Steelers, 49ers and Broncos, while the Jaguars have played the Giants (below average), Patriots, Titans and Jets.The only obvious difference is that the Chiefs have prevailed in all four of their games, while the Jaguars lost to the Titans.Still... it ought to be a barn-burner at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon!Enjoy the game, and starting on Tuesday, we’ll see how the result from that game — and those from all the Week 5 games — shakes things up.
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 At least publicly, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers continue to express optimism that the two sides will reach an agreement that will keep the quarterback with the franchise for the rest of his career. However, until Corey Linsley Jersey that deal surfaces, the local and national media will continue to ask why Rodgers and the Packers haven’t signed an extension yet.On Thursday, Rodgers fielded more questions about his contract status, and he continued to toe the party line.Packers QB Aaron Rodgers not focusing on new deal as camp opens | ESPN“I think [the Packers] talked about it enough that there’s an expectation something would have been done,” Rodgers said Thursday to the assembled media. “Obviously judging by the questions here there’s kind of an expectation before we started. But I’m just trusting [agent] Dave [Dunn].”While other NFL superstars have withheld their services in order to spur negotiations -- Aaron Donald Davante Adams Jersey , Khalil Mack, and, until just a few days ago, Julio Jones -- Rodgers has participated in all the usual parts of the Packers’ offseason for a veteran player. At least for 2018, it doesn’t appear that Rodgers will take a similar approach.Davante Adams sees huge potential in Packers CB Kevin King | Packers WireKevin King spent most of his rookie season dealing with a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery, but he reported to training camp healthy and ready to compete for a starting role in new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s defense. Thus far, King has picked off Rodgers and earned the praise of No. 1 wideout Davante Adams Cheap Aaron Rodgers Jersey , who said of the second-year corner: “I think he has the potential to be one of the best DBs in this league.”Packers hoping JK Scott can help make special teams units great | ForbesBy punter standards, the Packers made a large investment in rookie JK Scott. Not only did they select the Alabama product in the fifth round of this past April’s draft, but they also cut Justin Vogel, the second-year punter who set a franchise record for net average. If Scott can improve on Vogel’s strong performance -- and perhaps take over kickoff duty -- Green Bay can better justify the cost to acquire him.Guard Lane Taylor still nursing ankle injury | Sheboygan PressLane Taylor says the Packers just want to take a cautious approach with his ankle given the amount of time before Week 1. Still, anytime a starting offensive lineman misses time, the team has reason for at least some concern. Lucas Patrick took the first-team reps in Taylor’s place, a signal that perhaps he could also get a look for the job at right guard where Justin McCray has the early lead.Packers vs. Bills , Week 4 2018: First half game updates & discussion It’s week four Sunday across the NFL, and the Green Bay Packers will fight to get back over .500 as the Buffalo Bills come to town this afternoon.Buffalo is fresh off a 27-6 upset victory over the Minnesota Vikings, which shocked the football world. Meanwhile, the Packers were busy losing to Washington on an ugly, rainy afternoon in the DC area. Today, the two teams meet at Lambeau Field as the Packers try to pull a game up on the Vikings, who lost to the Rams 38-31 on Thursday night Bryan Bulaga Jersey , and give themselves a chance to jump over the 2-1 Chicago Bears, who host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this afternoon.Feel free to also use this space to discuss this afternoon’s baseball action, with the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs locked in a tie for the NL Central lead. Head over to Brew Crew Ball for updates on the Brewers’ game against the Detroit Tigers.Game Updates from APC StaffA Twitter List by acmepackingco Game Updates from Packers MediaA Twitter List by TexWestern
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The Bengals are coming off an impressive road win over the Colts to begin the 2018 season.However Bengals Joe Mixon Jersey , the Ravens were arguably the most impressive of any NFL team in the first week of action. They absolutely demolished the Bills en route to a 47-3 win, which frankly was one of the biggest beatdowns the NFL has seen in recent memory.This isn’t Alabama vs. the little sisters of the poor. The league is created in a way that promotes parity and competitive games when even the best teams face the worst teams.So when an NFL team beats another by 44 points, oddsmakers take notice, and they currently have Baltimore as a 1.5-point favorite over Cincinnati in Week 2. Now, it has to be pointed out that the Bengals have won seven of the last nine meetings, and one of those losses was with A.J. Green out of the lineup. The other was with Ken Zampese still calling the offense, which is arguably worse than not having Green.The Bengals also went into Baltimore and knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs last season. On one hand, that gives you more confidence the Bengals can take care of business at home. On the other hand, the revenge factor is very real, and the Ravens will be hell-bent on getting theirs on Thursday Night Football.Then again Bengals Geno Atkins Jersey , you could argue the Bengals want some measure of revenge themselves for the 20-0 home embarrassment they suffered to Baltimore in Week 1 last season. The Bengals take pride in defending their home turf, and they’ll be ready to ensure a repeat of 2017 doesn’t happen in 2018.All told, I would give the Bengals an edge, but I’d only favor them by 1-1.5 points. Don’t be surprised if the line moves a point or two by Thursday to make this a pick ‘em. But if history has told us anything, don’t pick Baltimore against a healthy Green and a competent offensive coordinator.NFL roster cuts 2018: Tracking moves, news and rumors around the league NFL teams are making many big decisions this weekend as they cut their rosters down to just 53 players. More than 1,100 current NFL players will be left without a job by Saturday afternoon. But, it won’t be the end of the road for them all. Some will be picked up by new teams and some will find their way onto practice squads.Keep track here for all of the big roster cuts and news happening across the NFL in the lead up the 4:00 p.m. ET Saturday roster deadline and 1:00 p.m. ET Sunday start for practice squads to be formed.Follow along with the Bengals-specific cuts here.NFL roster cutsThe Cardinals are cutting their sixth-round draft pick, CB Chris Campbell (source)The Cardinals are cutting LB Scooby Wright, who’s expected to attract new suitors quickly (source)Former Bengals LB Kevin Minter was cut by the Jets (source)The Titans are cutting DB Demontre Hurst (source)The Texans cut veteran punter Shane Lechler and kept rookie Trevor Daniel (source)The Patriots cut WR Paul TurnerThe Eagles cut QB Christian HackenbergThe Bengals waived RB Jarveon Williams with an injury settlementThe Texans waived WR Braxton Miller (source) and tight end Stephen Anderson (source)The Patriots cut RB Khalfani MuhammadBroncos waive cornerback Michael HunterLions waiving former USC DT Josh Fatu and DE Jeremiah ValoagaBroncos cut former Bengals DL Deshawn Williams (our friends at Mile High Report say he had a great offseason but Denver’s defensive line is stacked)The Rams are cutting offensive lineman Cornelius LucasThe Ravens placed S Deshon Elliott Bengals Tyler Boyd Jersey , DB Bennett Jackson, CB Stanley Jean Baptiste and OT Greg Senat on IRThe Ravens waived/injured LB Alvin Jones The Ravens placed WR Quincy Adeboyejo, ILB Bam Bradley and CB Jaylen Hill on PUPThe Ravens cut DB Robertson Daniel, OL Andrew Donnal, OL Justin Evans, TE Nick Keizer, DE Christian LaCouture, S Kai Nacua, CB Jackson Porter, WR DeVier Posey and LS Trent SiegThe Cowboys are releasing DE Kony Ealy (source)The Browns waived TE Stephen Baggett Youth Tyler Eifert Jersey , DB Christian Boutte, DB Elijah Campbell, OL Anthony Fabiano, DL Jeremy Faulk, OL Avery Gennesy, OL Fred Lauina, QB Brogan Roback, former Bengals DB Derron Smith and DL Blaine WoodsonThe Browns waived/injured WR C.J. Board, LB Justin Currie and DL Lenny JonesThe Browns cut WR Jeff JanisThe Colts are cutting former Bengals WR/KR/PR Brandon Tate (source)Bengals 2017 draft pick OL J.J. Dielman cut by Broncos (Mile High Report story)The Falcons are cutting veteran OT Austin Pasztor and OG Sean Harlow, a 2017 draft pick (source)Former Bengals OL Austin Fleer cut by Broncos (Mile High Report story)The Bills have cut former Browns first round pick Corey Coleman , who Cleveland just traded to Buffalo a few weeks ago. Coleman is turning into another Bills draft pick bust.The Giants have cut WR Roger Lewis and S Andrew AdamsThe Bengals have cut CB C.J. GoodwinThe Chargers are moving forward with Caleb Sturgis at kicker and have waived Roberto Aguayo (source) The Giants cut former Bengals Alonzo Russell and Chris Lewis-HarrisThe Bengals are cutting fullback Ryan HewittWashington is moving on from guard T.J. Clemmings (source)Broncos cut running back De’Angelo HendersonPatriots release running back Ralph WebbEagles cut RB Donnel Pumphrey who they traded up in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft to select.Texans cut former Bengals and Patriots TE Matt Lengel (source)Jets cut RB Thomas RawlsLions waiving QB Jake Rudock; Matt Cassel wins backup jobLions cut WR Jace Billingsley (source)Packers release fullback Aaron RipkowskiTitans cut guard Xavier Su’a-Filo (source)Cowboys fan-favorite, WR Lance Lenoir releasedPatriots cut RB Mike Gillislee, meaning Jeremy Hill likely makes the roster (source)Imagine getting arrested on Friday night and making the Cowboys’ 53-man roster on Saturday. Such is the case for Rico Gathers (source)The Bengals’ 53-man roster is hereThe Raiders are trading for QB AJ McCarron (source)The Cowboys are cutting veteran kicker Dan Bailey (source)Patriots cut LB Marquis Flowers (source)NFL rumorsThe Cardinals are expected to keep quarterback Mike Glennon on the 53-man roster (source)Ravens CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste broke his arm on Thursday night (source)The Raiders are exploring a trade for former second round pick DE Mario Edwards, per Ian RapoportThe Lions traded OT Corey Robinson to the PanthersQB AJ McCarron sticking around in Buffalo alongside Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen (source)NFL tradesThe Patriots are trading safety Jordan Richards to the FalconsThe Chiefs acquired CB Charvarius Ward in a trade with the Cowboys, in exchange for G Parker Ehinger49ers trade 2019 seventh rounder for Browns offensive tackle Shon ColemanChiefs acquire safety Jordan Lucas from Dolphins in tradeKhalil Mack has been traded from the Raiders to the Bears in a massive deal that involves Chicago sending two first round picks to Oakland, per many sources.
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Unfortunately for a lot of NFL players White Marcus Peters Jersey , their dreams will end today. Some will stick on practice squads, and some will be done altogether. As the released players come pouring in, let’s take a look at some potential options that could make sense for the Los Angeles Rams’ 53-man roster:WR Carlos HendersonCarlos Henderson was a third-round pick in 2017 by the Denver Broncos. His career started on a bad note with a thumb injury last year that landed him on injured reserve. Continuing the bad stretch, Henderson didn’t report to camp this year tending to a “personal matter”. He was also handed a one-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.Now, even though it may seem all bad, Henderson is an extremely talented wideout. He’s a small WR who excels as a yards-after-catch monster, touting a strong set of hands and a knack for making big plays. He also brings special teams versatility.Henderson may not be an option for the 53-man roster, but he would certainly present a great option for the practice squad.OG Nico SiragusaSiragusa is a large and powerful guard. He was a fourth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, originally drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately for Siragusa, he tore his ACL, MCL and PCL in training camp last year, effectively missing his entire rookie season.In college, Siragusa was a nasty and powerful guard clearing the way for Donnel Pumphrey, who ran his way through the San Diego State record books.If healthy, Siragusa would be an interesting option for either the 53-man roster of the practice squad.CB Cre’Von LeBlancLeBlanc is a small-in-stature corner at 5’11” and 190 lbs, though his game suggests otherwise. An undrafted free agent in the 2016 NFL Draft, LeBlanc spent time with the New England Patriots and most recently (and notably), the Chiacgo Bears. LeBlanc has started 10 games for the Bears in the past two seasons, registering 13 pass deflections, two interceptions, one touchdown, and one forced fumble.If the Rams are looking to bolster their CB depth, LeBlanc is a guy they should keep their eyes on.OLB Jeff HollandIf the name sounds familiar Youth Todd Gurley II Jersey , it’s because it is. Holland was a undrafted free agent in the 2018 NFL Draft, and chose to sign on with the Denver Broncos. Now, let me preface by saying this: It’s likely the Broncos want to keep Holland on their practice squad, so if anyone wants a chance at him, he’ll need to be signed to the 53-man roster.Holland was a productive pass rusher from Auburn, though his measurables and lack of athleticism pushed him into UDFA status. Regardless, word out of Broncos camp is that he’s been highly impressive, and if the Rams feel they need more juice coming off the edge, Holland could certainly be an option.OLB Steven MeansThis is by far my favorite potential add. The only reason Means is currently available is because of how stacked the Philadelphia Eagles roster is along the defensive line. Means could come in and instantly provide major pass rush juice coming off the edge. Ironically enough, I wrote an article about why he’d be a great addition a few weeks prior.OLB/ILB John SimonSimon has made hay in his career as a tweener, moving between inside linebacker and outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Since the Indianapolis Colts made the switch to a 4-3, Simon no longer fit and was released. Simon is a 27-year old five-year veteran with 13 career sacks, one interception, one touchdown, and one forced fumble to his name.QB Connor CookThe former fourth-round pick hasn’t played a ton in the league, but he’s shown flashes of decent quarterback play. Cook isn’t the greatest player, but he could at the very least push either of Sean Mannion or Brandon Allen for a roster spot.Random Ramsdom 9/6: The 2018 NFL regular season begins! 7 bold predictions for the Rams in 2018 | RamswireAs the season is about to begin, Ramswire boldly predicts that Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley will lead the league in rushing.Goff returns to Bay Area in much different circumstances | LA TimesTwo years ago on a Monday Night football opener in the Bay Area, QB Jared Goff was a Rams rookie who wasn’t dressed and third on the depth chart.Now he leads the Rams to a contending season.Who runs Los Angeles | ESPNThe Rams and Chargers continue to fight for Los Angeles sports dominance.Rams vs. Raiders betting preview | Sports has the Rams as a “High” confident pick to cover against the Oakland Raiders.Rams power rankings: Week 1 | The RamsThe Rams seem to be very high on everyone’s mind entering the season.As high as number two in some power rankings, the target is on their backs this year.Will Goff set new franchise record? | The RamsIt may be a man’s opinion but NFL Gameday’s Steve Mariucci has a bold prediction for Jared Goff.....single-season passing yards and touchdowns franchise record.Rams waive S Isaiah Johnson | The RamsOn and off the 53-man roster while also being on the practice squad since 2016, S Isaiah Johnson felt the highs of making the roster before getting waived yesterday.The Bears followed the Rams blueprint | Bleacher ReportThe Chicago Bears are following the Rams blueprint to emerge as a contender.... will it work?Examining the Rams move to land Marcus Peters | LA TimesThe first in a four-part series, the Los Angeles Times dives into how the Rams built their roster in the offseason starting with CB Marcus Peters.
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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post said that Eric Berry will practice this week. It has been corrected to could.We have been keeping you posted—as of Monday Youth Mitch Morse Jersey , it has been 37 days since Kansas City Chiefs safety has taken a practice or game field.That streak could reportedly be coming to an end, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.Berry has been sidelined since August 11 with a sore heel. He missed the Chiefs’ entire preseason and the team’s first two regular-season games with the injury. Here was a head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder on Berry 12 days ago:“I know there has been a lot of questions about Eric Berry,” Burkholder said. “I know coach (Andy Reid) has said that it’s day to day. It is literally day to day. He won’t practice [Wednesday], but he’s spent a lot of time with us. He’s improving, he’s getting better every day and so we’ll continue with that process.”The Chiefs have been consistent in saying Berry has been improving since then, but he had yet to practice. We should find out more with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid scheduled to speak at Noon Arrowhead Time.Twitter reacts to Patrick Mahomes’ insane game against the Steelers Twitter had a lot of love to show for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes Sunday, and who can blame them? Mahomes finished the day 23 of 28 for 322 yards and six touchdowns, tying the franchise record for most touchdowns in a game and breaking the NFL record for most touchdowns in the first two games of a season.The first tweet Sammy Watkins Jersey , from AP lobbyist Peter Schrager, is a doozy:A game like that calls for some updated QB rankings:He’s even getting compared to some of the NFL greats at just 22 years old:And...God?Geoff, Geoff. There are children present:Flames were a common theme:Mahomes has entered a league of his own:And is living up to all the hype:It’s like a sweet melody, and everybody is singing along:There may still be some questions on defense, but, with Mahomes leading the offense, none of it matters:WARNING: It’s unknown whether or not his phone will blow up due to the high volume of tweets, texts Authentic nthony Hitchens Jersey , emails, airdrops, DM’s and more he’s probably receiving right now:Wait. Mahomes slept on a twin bed last night?The idea that Mahomes will be a Pro Football Hall of Famer doesn’t seem too far off:As far as fantasy goes, some people are feeling really good right now:Others, not so much:
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Another week in the NFL has passed and more takes have been generated.An old staple returns as Ryan Wood continues to knee-jerk tweet before taking a second to digest what just happened. After an incompletion from Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy Graham Green Bay Packers Hats , Wood described the exchange with a single word: oof. Four minutes later, he found out the throw was tipped. This take itself is not terribly hot, but Matub takes issue with Wood being a repeat offender. Matub actually discussed this take with Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke on Packer Transplants earlier in the week.The TJ Watt tracker returns as Kevin King missed another game. There is a slightly new take on the whole situation, though. TJ Watt continues to be unimpressive after a massive showing against the Browns in week one. This week, Kyler Fackrell posted a similar stat line to TJ’s earlier performance.Looking forward to this week’s opponent, the Detroit Lions, Matub discusses each team’s defense and how they compare. Erik Schlitt of Detroit Lions Breakdown did an episode about the Packers and used “yards allowed per game” as a comparison metric. Matub feels that only tells part of the story and decides to add further context.Finally, many of the team’s receivers are injured this week so the Jordy Nelson truthers are once again out in force.And, of course, Matub puts his money where his mouth more way than one.Packers should play Montgomery & Jones together due to injuries at WR When injuries struck the Green Bay Packers at the most important position last season, head coach Mike McCarthy was either unwilling or unable to effectively manipulate his offense for Brett Hundley. Part of that failing must fall on Hundley himself, which is its own indictment of McCarthy’s coaching and evaluation of his backup quarterback. Hundley wasn’t ready for a job McCarthy said he was ready for and it cost the Packers. Now, with Randall Cobb dealing with a hamstring injury and Geronimo Allison in concussion protocol, McCarthy must acquit himself better in dealing with these key injuries. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t trust J’Mon Moore or Equanimeous St. Brown yet to contribute and rightfully so. Marquez Valdes-Scantling earned enough respect from QB1 to earn a couple targets in his first career start against Buffalo Green Bay Packers Hoodie , including a beautiful 38-yard go route in the second half.But if neither Cobb nor Allison can go this week in Detroit, that basically leaves Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham as the only guys Rodgers has faith in to be where they’re supposed to be, and even the latter may not be on as solid a footing as initially believed in training camp. In short, the reporting of their instant connection may have been overstated as Rodgers has missed Graham open on a number of occasions early this season. The solution isn’t “sign Dez Bryant” no matter what Packers Twitter tells you. Moving Ty Montgomery back to receiver would present a major short-term headache and not actually solve any long-term problems for the Packers. That said, Montgomery’s versatility as a pass catcher could be exactly what this team needs with two of its top playmakers hurt.A beautiful concept, perhaps stolen borrowed from Washington turned into a huge play for Montgomery on a curl-wheel combination route. Jay Gruden dialed up a very similar scheme on the long Vernon Davis play at the end of the first half in Week 3. Montgomery has shown the ability to be a focal point of this offense, both on the ground and in the passing game. Now a running back officially, his presence doesn’t have to come at the expense of the other elite playmaker in the backfield, Aaron Jones. All it would take is borrowing a little from concepts the Packers have already used before under Mike McCarthy (so keep the “McCarthy would never do this” stuff to yourself. He’s literally already done it). Back in 2014, the last time the Packers truly threatened for a Super Bowl, McCarthy loved to play Cobb in the backfield as the solo back next to Rodgers in shotgun. It worked to varying degrees of success in 2013 and he brought it back with a wrinkle for the ‘14 season. Here’s the look from the Patriots game, inarguably McCarthy’s finest game as a playcaller and designer of offense. That’s Jarrett Boykin (!) behind Rodgers with Randall Cobb offset. The Packers used this same formation often that season, only with Lacy in the backfield and Andrew Quarless as the H-back. Played traditionally with the running back and tight end, defenses stay in base with linebackers on the field instead of defensive backs. Here Customized Green Bay Packers Jerseys , the Patriots have to go to a sub-package defense with light-tackling players like Darrelle Revis in the box. That should be advantage Packers. The success or failure of the play isn’t really the point. Make the defense work, make them think, and give them looks to have in their minds. On the other hand, imagine this same formation with Jones in the backfield behind Rodgers with Montgomery offset. If this give goes to Ty, he’s a much more physical presence than Cobb and has better instincts as a running back. The offensive line didn’t do a great job of creating space for the back, but that’s a flaw in execution, not design. Notice too, the safety Patrick Chung flies away from the play, concerned about Boykin on a pass fake after the handoff. That’s one less defender in an already light box. Give Donta’ Hightower credit for having this play all the way, but not all linebackers would sniff it out with ease. As noted above, the success or failure of this play is secondary to how it creates for the sister play. Here’s that same look later in the game. The Patriots defend it similarly, with sub-package defensive backs. This is a rare four receiver, one tight end set. Most teams wouldn’t cover the tight end with a linebacker as New England does, but this was Jamie Collins at his versatile peak. For most teams this same formation would likely only have one true off-ball linebacker on the field. Instead of giving the ball Womens Geronimo Allison Jersey , the Packers run the swing to Boykin, which works well enough. Remember how we didn’t care about the success of the first play? It’s not about the handful of yards Cobb got running it. That was to set this up. With a more explosive player making this catch, the Packers might really have something. Look how the linebackers react to the initial run fake: they fly to Cobb, leaving the sideline wide open. Boykin only manages six yards, but the plays is designed to get the two blocks on the edge with the receiver 1-on-1 with a safety if he’s not fooled by the run fake. Imagine if that is Aaron Jones rather than Boykin. And that’s where this formation creates so many advantages for the Packers. If a defense chooses to play Green Bay out of traditional defensive personnel, Jones is now on the edge 1-on-1 with a linebacker, assuming he can even get over the sideline to be in position to make a play. If they play a lighter personnel grouping, the Packers have a clear advantage running the ball. This same set of concepts might actually work even better with two running backs, because teams are likely to keep their linebackers on the field, robbing them of speed to the edge. One of the reasons the Patriots defended this so well was the extra DB on the field. Cobb and Boykin are two true receivers. Jones and Monty are true running backs. Green Bay wouldn’t have to run this specific play with its two best backs, but this is an example of how dynamic such a pairing could be. They don’t have to just go run the same offense with rookies at receiver. McCarthy already has the institutional talent, both scheme and personnel, to makeup for any losses at receiver.
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The Cincinnati Bengals have announced the team’s initial practice squad.After constructing the 53-man roster on Saturday Bengals Alex Redmond Jersey , there were quite a few surprises and 24 players who were waived on Saturday were eligible to make the practice squad today.The practice squad can still change at any time (and will) but this is the initial list of players who made the cut.The Bengals also got a roster exemption this year to participate in the International Player Pathway Program. All four AFC North teams and all four NFC South teams are participating in the program this year. The NFC South participated in 2017, too. As part of the program, these teams will carry an additional overseas player on their practice squads in 2018, and the Bengals’ player is German tight end Moritz B枚hringer. He does not count toward the 10-man practice squad limit, so the Bengals can have 11 players on the practice squad, including B枚hringer this year.As of now, only 10 players are on the practice squad, with room for one more to be signed.Bengals’ 2018 practice squadTE Moritz B枚hringer (first-year player, Aalen [Germany])DT Andrew Brown (rookie, Virginia)HB Quinton Flowers (rookie, South Florida)H-B Jordan Franks (rookie Cheap Carlos Dunlap Jersey , Central Florida)CB C.J. Goodwin (third-year player, California [Pa.])C Brad Lundblade (rookie, Oklahoma State)OT Kent Perkins (first-year player, Texas)CB KeiVarae Russell (third-year player, Notre Dame)WR Kermit Whitfield (first-year player, Florida State)LB Chris Worley (rookie, Ohio State)QB Christian Hackenberg (third-year player, Penn State)Interestingly not making the practice squad are running back Brian Hill — who did clear waivers — and rookie quarterback Logan Woodside. It seems the Bengals could look to sign a different quarterback to the practice squad to take that final spot.We’ll keep you updated as the Bengals make more roster moves, which could include one more player being added here.UPDATE: Christian Hackenberg is joining the Bengals’ practice squad as its final member. The quarterback has been a draft bust to this point, but will attempt to develop further in Cincinnati.Bengals RB Mark Walton evaluated for concussion UPDATEMark Walton has entered the game, so he appears to be fine. The Bengals’ backfield continues to get depleted Cheap John Ross Jersey , as Mark Walton is now being evaluated for a concussion. The injury happened late in the third quarter on a pass Walton attempted to catch at the sideline, but as he dove for the ball, he was hit in the helmet by Falcons safety Brian Poole, who was flagged for unnecessary roughness.Walton went to the sideline to be examined by trainers, and the team has since announced he is being evaluated for a concussion. For now, that means Giovani Bernard is the lone running back, and he’s come up gimpy a few times in this game.Defensive back Brandon Wilson had limited experience at running back during his college career at Houston. He would probably be an emergency running back if Bernard goes down.Joe Mixon is inactive due to a knee injury, but it sounds like he’ll return next week. Thomas Rawls was a healthy scratch for this game. We will update this post if any more details come out...
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The Los Angeles Rams have agreed to trade linebacker Alec Ogletree to the New York Giants for two draft picks Brock McGinn Jersey Kids , a person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because NFL trades can't be announced until March 14. ESPN first reported the deal.

Los Angeles gets the Giants' fourth-round and sixth-round picks in the 2018 draft. The NFC West champion Rams also will send a seventh-round pick in 2019 to the Giants along with Ogletree, their defensive captain and last season's leading tackler.

Ogletree has spent his entire five-year NFL career with the Rams, who drafted him out of Georgia in the first round in 2013. He led their defense in tackles during four of his five seasons, only failing to do so in 2015 when he played in just four games due to a broken leg.

He had 95 tackles and two sacks last season while moving into coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 defensive scheme. He also provided leadership on the defense, both during the Rams' turbulent relocation season from St. Louis and again last season, when they ended their 12-year playoff drought.

Ogletree signed a four-year, $42.7 million extension with the Rams just last October, getting $30 million in guaranteed money.

While Ogletree is a speedy linebacker who has been quite productive, he has been an inconsistent tackler at times, and he never appeared to be an ideal fit in Phillips' defense.

Ogletree also was a key player in the Rams' spotty run defense. Los Angeles finished last season fifth-worst in the NFL at stopping the run Trent Murphy Jersey , allowing 122.3 yards rushing per game and frequently struggling with stops between the tackles, where Ogletree needed to shine.

Ogletree will fill the Giants' need for quality veteran linebackers as they rebuild from their 3-13 season, arguably the worst in franchise history. Starting linebackers Devon Kennard and defensive captain Jonathan Casillas could leave as free agents.

The Giants had two fourth-round picks in the upcoming draft, including a compensatory selection.

Despite their overall success last season under coach Sean McVay, the Rams clearly are reconfiguring their defense in Phillips' preferred image while clearing salary cap space. That room is likely to be used in part to sign AP Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald to a lucrative long-term extension.

Los Angeles already agreed to trade linebacker Robert Quinn to Miami last week, and starting linebacker Connor Barwin is a free agent.

The Rams agreed last month to acquire cornerback Marcus Peters in a trade with Kansas City, and Los Angeles also used its franchise tag on safety Lamarcus Joyner. Those moves likely mean top cornerback Trumaine Johnson will leave as a free agent.

The trade of Ogletree seemingly improves the chances for the Rams to keep fellow veteran linebacker Mark Barron, who carries a $28 million salary cap hit over the next three seasons. He is due a $2 million roster bonus next week.

The Toronto Raptors rode to a seldom-used lineup to move within a game of advancing in the NBA playoffs.

DeMar DeRozan scored 32 points, Kyle Lowry had 17 points and 10 assists and the Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 108-98 on Wednesday night in Game 5.

Toronto rebounded after losing Games 3 and 4 on the road to take a 3-2 series lead back to Washington for Game 6 on Friday night. The home team has won all five games in the series.

The only team in the NBA to avoid losing three straight at any point this season, the Raptors went 5-0 following back-to-back losses during the regular season Saints Game Jerseys , and have not lost three straight since last year’s second-round sweep against Cleveland. The last time Toronto lost three regular-season games in a row was from Feb. 8 to 14, 2017.

Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas had not played a single fourth-quarter minute in the series before getting the call down the stretch to play alongside Delon Wright, Lowry, DeRozan and C.J. Miles, a group that barely shared the floor this season.

”We’re all capable of going it offensively and defensively and it showed tonight,” DeRozan said. ”Everybody stepped up and Delon stepped up big.”

Raprtors coach Dwane Casey acknowledged he was ”searching” for the right lineup combination

”I thought Delon Wright did a good job down the stretch handling the ball,” Casey said. ”It gave us an opportunity for Kyle and DeMar to get off the ball a little bit more and I thought that was the difference.”

Wright scored 11 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter, and Valanciunas had 14 points and 13 rebounds as the Raptors improved to 5-0 in home Game 5s over the past five years.

”Delon Wright came in and made some big shots and big plays for them,” Washington’s John Wall said. ”Whenever he gets over 10 or 15, nine times out of 10 they win the game. He’s a big key to their team when they go small.”

Wall had 26 points Authentic Joe Pavelski Jersey , and Bradley Beal added 20 for the Wizards. They went nearly four minutes without scoring down the stretch. Marcin Gortat had 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Washington shot 8 for 24 in the fourth quarter, and Toronto had 15 rebounds in the final frame.

”We feel like we let one slip away,” Wall said. ”They made the biggest shots at the end of the game.”

The Raptors won despite being out rebounded 50-35.

”They crushed us on rebounds,” Lowry said.

Wall connected on 10 of 21 shots but missed all four of his attempts from 3-point range.

”He’s a tough cover,” Casey said. ”He’s one of the best in the league. I’ve said that he’s a miniature LeBron when he has the ball coming at you because he’s so strong and powerful.”

Toronto trailed 87-82 after a three-point play by Kelly Oubre Jr. with 8:52 left, but regained the lead with a 6-0 run over the next 1:20.

After Washington’s Markieff Morris dunked with 4:06 left, Wright replied with a 3 and, after a missed shot by Wall, converted a layup off a pass from DeRozan to give the Raptors a 99-93 lead with 2:59 remaining.

Washington didn’t score again until Beal’s 3 with 16 seconds left.

”The ball became a little bit stagnant tonight down the stretch,” Brooks said. ”We need to get some more ball movement.”


Wizards: Gortat had six rebounds in the first quarter. … The Wizards had nine offensive rebounds in the first half Youth Hayden Hurst Jersey , compared to two for Toronto. Washington finished with 14 offensive rebounds, while Toronto had six.

Raptors: Fred VanVleet (right shoulder) was not available. VanVleet has played fewer than three minutes in the series, all in Game 2. … After making 18 turnovers in each of Games 3 and 4, Toronto had 10 turnovers in Game 5.


Before the game, players from both teams held up banners with the hashtag (hash)TORONTOSTRONG and a moment of silence was held to honor the victims of the deadly van attack Monday in Toronto. The Raptors, the Wizards and the NBA will make a donation to a fund for victims and those affected by the incident.


The Wizards shot 5 for 26 from 3-point range, going 1 for 10 in the fourth quarter.


Toronto also had Game 5 home wins over Brooklyn in 2014, Indiana and Miami in 2016, and Milwaukee in 2017.


Game 6 on Friday night in Washington.

More NBA basketball:  Womens Arizona Cardinals Jerseys

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Sidney Jones has proven his patience and his diligence.

That’s perhaps why he isn’t sweating his latest setback Youth Jonathan Allen Jersey , since he insists it is temporary.

Via聽Eliot Shorr-Parks of, the Eagles cornerback spent his time on the sidelines during minicamp with what he would only call “soreness.”

He said it was unrelated to the torn Achilles that kept him out of all but one game last year. The injury was suffered in a pre-draft workout, and the Eagles took him in the second round anyway, amounting to a redshirt season.

“Precaution,” Jones said of the recent issue. “[The team] doesn’t want me practicing right now. Just minor soreness.”

Jones didn’t participate in the OTA session open to reporters last week either, but he said he was encouraged by the progress he’s made the last two months.

“I feel really good. Coming back is a blessing. I feel really comfortable on the field, getting used to the defense, knowing the defense inside and out ,” he said. “Getting comfortable with the defense because last year when I was playing I was practice squad going against then. But it is a good feeling to be in the defense and get the scheme.”

The Eagles think he can be a major contributor, and he’s moved around the secondary in workouts, in the slot as well as outside.

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) — After nine seasons without competition in the broadcast booth, Jon Gruden needed only a few plays of the exhibition season to get his old sideline persona back.

A holding call that wiped out a touchdown brought out the temper that earned Gruden a nickname from the slasher movie “Child’s Play” during his first stint as coach in Oakland.

“Chucky came out for a brief moment right there,” Gruden said.

It was a moment Raiders fans had been waiting for ever since Gruden was traded to Tampa Bay following the 2001 season. Oakland lost the Super Bowl to Gruden and the Buccaneers the following year and managed just one more winning record since.

The good will might have ended when the Raiders traded their best player before the start of the season, dealing elite pass rusher Khalil Mack to Chicago for a package that includes two first-round picks.

Owner Mark Davis had been recruiting Gruden since he took over the franchise following the death of his father, Al , in 2011, and finally got his man this past offseason with a $100 million, 10-year contract to replace Jack Del Rio following a 6-10 season.

“It’s an honor to be back here and it’s a great story, but I also just want to do everything I can to try to help this team win again,” Gruden said. “I love the Raider fans, I love Oakland, and that’s the primary reason why I’m standing here.”

The love is mutual, as evidenced by the hundreds of fans who showed up at a preseason party hosted by Gruden at a local sports bar Authentic Ito Smith Jersey , and the excited crowds at the exhibition games.

But for all the nostalgia and Gruden’s talk of bringing the game back to 1998 when Al Davis first hired him as a head coach, Gruden will need to show his style has adapted since he last coached in Tampa Bay in 2008.

He has won over his players with his passion, knowledge and attention to detail, but none of that will matter without results on the field.

“What you see is what you get. Rah-rah guy,” edge rusher Bruce Irvin said. “I’ve never seen a person’s face stay red for seven periods at practice. The whole practice he is just red. He’s a great motivator.”

Here are some other things to watch:

MISSING MACK: Mack held out for the entire offseason and training camp while seeking a long-term contract that came after he was traded to the Bears. His absence leaves a big void. He won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2016 and leads the NFL in QB pressures with 185 1-2 since entering the league, according to SportRadar. Oakland’s defense struggled the past few years even with Mack on the field. Gruden and new coordinator Paul Guenther will now need rookie Arden Key and veteran Bruce Irvin to make up for the loss.

DRIVE THE CARR: QB Derek Carr went from MVP candidate during a 12-win 2016 campaign to a struggling young passer a year ago as he dealt with an early-season back injury and suspect play from his receivers. Much has been made of how Carr will mesh with Gruden’s hard-driving personality, but the early signs are the two are hitting it off. Whether that leads to improved play remains to be seen. Carr will likely take more snaps under center in Gruden’s offense than he has in the past, but also will have more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

“He has a photographic memory. It comes so easy to him Minkah Fitzpatrick Color Rush Jersey ,” Gruden said. “He’s got the offense mastered more than I do, that’s for sure.”

INSIDE PUSH: The Raiders struggled to generate consistent pass pressure the past few seasons even with Mack and Irvin on the outside because of a lack of an inside rush. That’s why Oakland used two draft picks to upgrade that spot by selecting P.J. Hall in the second round and Maurice Hurst in the fifth. Hurst had been projected as a first-round pick before being sent home from the combine with a heart issue that the Raiders say is not a concern. Hall and Hurst have shined in the preseason and figure to provide a big boost to the defense.

POUND THE ROCK: Gruden has stressed a power-running game since getting hired in January and has the pieces in place to make it work. Oakland has a stout interior of the offensive line with center Rodney Hudson and guards Kelechi Osemele and Gabe Jackson. Marshawn Lynch played well in the second half of last season after coming out of retirement and looks even faster this year. Blocking tight end Lee Smith and fullback Keith Smith provide more support. Gruden hopes Doug Martin can regain the form that helped him run for more than 1,400 yards in 2012 and ’15.

COVER IT UP: The Raiders have been rotating through cornerbacks ever since Reggie McKenzie became GM in 2012. They hoped they solidified one of those spots last year when they drafted Gareon Conley in the first round, but he played only two games because of injuries. Conley looks healthy now and could be part of the most talented group of cornerbacks Oakland has had in years with free agents Rashaan Melvin, Leon Hall and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie also in the mix.

 Denver Broncos Customized Jerseys
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The Saints are signing veteran receivers Michael Floyd and Brandon Tate , Nick Underhill of The Advocate reports.

New Orleans was in need of depth at the position after Travin Dural broke a humerus, and Brandon Coleman continues to rehab an undisclosed injury. The Saints also are unsettled at returner.

Floyd, 28, worked out for the Ravens in March, but they did not opt to sign him.

He appeared in 11 games with the Vikings last season, catching only 10 passes for 78 yards and no touchdowns.

Floyd spent 4 1/2 seasons with the Cardinals, who made him a first-round pick in 2012. Arizona cut him after Floyd was arrested for DUI in 2016.

Floyd finished the 2016 season with the Patriots Jason Spezza Jersey , playing two games.

Tate, 30, has played 126 games in nine seasons. He has averaged 9.5 yards on 200 career punt returns and 23.8 yards on 247 kickoff returns with three return touchdowns.

He spent the past two seasons with the Bills after five seasons with the Bengals and two with the Patriots, who drafted him in the third round in 2009.

Former NFL player Braylon Edwards and former NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh do not think highly of each other, and Edwards’ latest comments about Harbaugh’s team have landed him in hot water.

Edwards, who played at Michigan, has frequently criticized Harbaugh’s coaching at Michigan. After Michigan lost to Notre Dame on Saturday night Authentic P.J. Hall Jersey , Edwards tweeted his disapproval of Harbaugh’s team, particularly center Cesar Ruiz and quarterback Shea Patterson.

“Ruiz is weak, line is weak, shea is scared, f–king Michigan offense is so predictable,” Edwards wrote. “Michigan football is sadly one thing……Trash.”

Today Big Ten Network announced that Edwards has been suspended from his television job for that.

“Effective as of Sunday, Sept. 2 Authentic Kerryon Johnson Jersey , Braylon Edwards has been suspended indefinitely from his role at the Big Ten Network due to a violation of the network鈥檚 social media guidelines,” Big Ten Network announced.

The suspension came shortly after Harbaugh said he didn’t appreciate Edwards’ remarks.

鈥淣o. 1, it鈥檚 not true. It鈥檚 not factual,鈥?Harbaugh said. 鈥淭here鈥檚 nobody in our program who thinks those things about any player on our team, let alone the two players described. On the other level, it鈥檚 disappointing that a member of the Big Ten Network would choose to attack the character of two of our players. And, if someone wants to attack the character of anybody on the ball club , come after me.鈥?/p>

Edwards was the third overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft and played eight NFL seasons, making the Pro Bowl in 2007. Harbaugh was the 26th overall pick in the 1987 NFL draft and played 14 NFL seasons, and later coached the 49ers for four years.

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President Donald Trump said he worked hard on the effort to bring the 2026 World Cup to North America and thanked Robert Kraft , owner of the NFL's New England Patriots and Major League Soccer's New England Revolution.

Trump signed letters to FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressing confidence that World Cup delegations and fans would be welcomed for the tournament. Although of no legal force, the letters were used in lobbying by the U.S. Soccer Federation as the North American bid competed against Morocco's. The North American bid won 134-65 in voting by FIFA members in Moscow on Wednesday.

"Thank you for all of the compliments on getting the World Cup to come to the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada," Trump tweeted Friday. "I worked hard on this, along with a Great Team of talented people. We never fail, and it will be a great World Cup! A special thanks to Bob Kraft for excellent advice."

Kraft became honorary chairman of the bid last July. He worked to obtain U.S. government support and helped gain support of federations.

In a mid-April tweet, Trump threatened to withhold support from nations that failed to back the North American bid.

"Why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us (including at the United Nations)?" he tweeted.

In a May letter to FIFA, the Trump administration wrote "all eligible athletes, officials and fans from all countries around the world would be able to enter the United States without discrimination."

The U.S. previously hosted the World Cup in 1994.

Late Humboldt Broncos coach Darcy Haugan was honored with the inaugural Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award on Wednesday night, and 10 of the surviving players were reunited for the first time since the bus crash that killed 16 people.

The players donned gold Broncos sweaters at the NHL Awards, 2 1/2 months after the junior team’s bus collided with a semitrailer at an intersection in rural Saskatchewan. Three of the survivors were unable to attend the awards show.

Haugan was remembered for telling his players ”it’s a great day to be a Bronco” before each game. The O’Ree award, named for the NHL’s first black player , is presented to an individual who, through hockey, has positively impacted his or her community, culture or society.

”We can cry together, we can laugh together, we can do everything together and just kind of heal in our own way,” said Tyler Smith, who suffered nerve damage and significant injuries to his left side, including a broken collarbone and shoulder blade. ”It’s a blessing to be able to be here together. We’re all going to be Broncos forever, and no matter what day it is, it’s a great day to be a Bronco.”

Members of the hockey team at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida , which won a state championship 11 days after 14 students and three staff members were fatally shot in February, also were recognized, as were survivors and first responders of the Route 91 Harvest festival mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1.

”The hockey family across the whole world, I’m very thankful for it. It’s something you don’t really expect,” said Broncos alternate captain Kaleb Dahlgren, who suffered skull and spinal fractures. ”You grow up with these people in your life and you consider them family. You’re with them every day and so hockey is a family community. The support we’ve received from everybody has been very, very, very generous and we’re all thankful for that. It makes the healing process easier.”

The NHL and NHLPA hope to continue the healing on Aug. 24, when Washington Capitals forward Chandler Stephenson, a Saskatoon native, will bring the Stanley Cup to Elgar Petersen Arena in Humboldt, as part of an on-ice event that will include an on-ice skills competition between NHL players.

”I got the opportunity to meet the Broncos yesterday and their fighting spirit rubs off on you Marquise Goodwin Jersey ,” said Tampa Bay Lightning Victor Hedman, who was awarded with the Norris Trophy as the top defenseman. ”After those tragedies, the hockey community shows that everyone is together. This is more than just a game, we are family.

”It’s such a special place, too, in Vegas. What they went through in October and the way this community rallied together with the hockey team, and the way the performed I think it’s important for me to acknowledge that.”

Golden Knights William Karlsson and Deryk Engelland, coach Gerard Gallant and the team’s general manager George McPhee — all four of whom won awards – joined the first responders and survivors honored on stage midway through the show.

Engelland, who took home the Mark Messier Leadership Award, said the touching and now infamous ”We Are Vegas Strong” speech he delivered before the Golden Knights’ home opener will always be one of the biggest moments of his hockey career.

”Once I knew I was doing it, that’s pretty much all that was going through my head for about four or five days, so I didn’t want to screw that up Cheap Customized Arizona Cardinals Jerseys ,” Engelland said. ”It got us embedded in the community and the community embedded in us. Guys really took it upon themselves to keep winning for the people that were affected and the city. The excitement after every goal during every game really lifted every guy in our locker room.”

New Jersey Devils forward Taylor Hall, who was awarded the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP, said he was touched by all three ceremonies that recognized the tragedies that took place during the season.

”Three terrible tragedies, three things that should never happen, we should never have to go through as a society,” Hall said. ”As a community, as a hockey community, you try and help everyone around you, you try and rally and just be a kind person to one another and hopefully that makes someone feel better.”

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